16 Tribes® of Liberia Mask Map Patent

The Customs, Arts, Spiritual System, Social Institutions, and Culture of the 16 Tribes®. (The Way of the Ancestors)

StarKraft Manuskriptz

The Creative Alternative to Scripture that no longer meet the demands of the people. Astro-Afrotropical Meridian Science. A moor robust programming language. Celestial Programming |

Camarilla Mask™

Camarilla+ Mask™ Camarilla+™ Camarilla Mask™ are a set of 17 divine council masks. Sent as guides to tribes of West Africa to reunite the region.

The Holy Scrolls of the Cosmic Camarilla Mask™ Consciouness

Each Camarilla Mask represents specific tribal lessons, african proverbs, and spiritual messages transmitted through the mask from Ancestral Spirits, Ancient Kings and Queens, Priests, Legends, Gods.

Kpóɖó-Dyua Dɛnɛ-Dyu

"Kpóɖó-Dyua Dɛnɛ-Dyu" temple of the stars is a visual manual written in Koptic Bassa (Traditional Bassa) discussing afrotropical aeronautics and implications within the creative universe.

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