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Camarilla Mask™ Consciousness

The aims and purpose of the Camarilla Mask™ consciousness are cultural, philosophical, scientific as well as philanthropic; it aims to restore to man its ancient heritage of wisdom, knowledge of the truths of being and to inculcate beauty of its lofty ethical code.

  1.  Share African Cultural Stories, Legends, and Tales amongst men/women exposed to Camarilla Mask™
  2. To propagate the 16 Tribes® ethnic knowledge of unity, and to demonstrate that this unity is fundamental in nation building.
  3. To form an active brother/sisterhood community, without distinction of ethnic group, creed, sex, caste, or background.
  4. To study ancient & modern spirit, science, and philosophy.
  5. Investigate the innate human powers within the vessel.

If the Negro is inferior why circumvent him; why suppress his talent and initiative; why rob him of his independent gifts; why fool him out of the rights of country; why imprison his intelligence and exploit his ignorance; why keep him down by the laws of inequality? Why not leave him alone to his own intelligence; why not give him a chance to grow and develop as he sees fit; why not free him from the incubus of a "forced upon" superiority; why not allow him, free and unhampered, to travel toward nationhood? If the whites are good sports, they will give the blacks a chance, and I predict, that in fifty years, undisturbed or unmolested, I will show you a nation of proud, refined and cultured black men and women, whose comeliness will outshine that of the age of Solomon.        -Marcus Garvey




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