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Watch “Stolen Legacy of African History ft Asa Hilliard and Dr. Ben ” on Ninja

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Epic Trilogy of the Mask

The Epic Trilogy of the Mask Supremacist Ancestral Apprentice / Melodic Isolation Like Cesaria Evora over Cavaquinhos / Attempts to Break the Sphere of My Design.

There is a problem to bear in mind by which hampers the individual from becoming a universally functioning organism. Let’s look @ education, education is essentially ineffective as humans advance the complaint will increase. The education that we are receiving is frustrating the purposes of that which is locked inside of our own Neter. Education is not giving expression to this individuality but is directing it forcibly into courses that are perhaps inconsistent with its basic patterns and purposes.

Gradually with right decisions will bring us enlightenment and companionship in the spiritual adventure of existence these are the things that are important and that every man/woman should give thought to every day.

The Heavens is the only organization that can survive.

Virtue cannot be attained by hiding oneself from vice. Virtue is a consciousness which transcends vice, corrects it, and goes on. Anything that is an evasion or avoidance means we are closing a channel by which the life in us is supposed to function. A full life means we grow from mistakes and benefit from them.

Divine Power

Help to restore the world which your Ancestors left. Bring about now the conditions which will advance the destiny of your descendants and help to leave a better reality behind. Think of the body as a temple the sanctuary of divine power. We are all living houses for the life that dwells within us. In this temple is the heart which is the High Altar, here is where the Divine Spirit abides with us. Our body is a living house of a living ancestor, a place of worship a place dedicated to Life.

Order of the Divine Creative