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The trademask podcast, multimask media series hosted by Tekpwfari Stix El Ra. Discussing a range of topics from Afrotropical Aeronautics and Camarilla Mask™ divine creative science.Learn More

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Mnkpta Kpelle La

Careysburg, Liberia 1520

1 The Cult center of His creative Teaching was created in MnKpta Kpelle La
Careysburg, Liberia. Statues in America, Kings in Zimbawe Prophecies, inscribed on cuneiform tablets of clay, foretelling the rise of Gèɖèpɔ́ɔ̀ and Ngala people. Alkebulan Architect Priest chanted klamas to Gèɖèpɔ́ɔ̀  anticipating the formation and establishment of the matrix from which a unified Liberian Culture pattern could emerge in all possible freedom, and within which the individual becomes of paramount importance as an active, self determining formative-creative factor in the development of the society. None of this was possible then since the misdirection of the original Christian Ideal. 2 Liberia shall begin a tradition of entralling her enemies, securely protected by her sons, From the scavenging western wolves. Pa Ari Seker. 3 There must be provided an industrial education which shall develop capacity and arouse initiative, it must teach the individuals “to function with conscious creative intention in the environment in which they live” ; it must furnish “a basis for critical and informed valuations in industrial activity.


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