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Tekpwfari Stix El Ra is an Afrotropical Meridian Architect. One of Liberia’s rare cultural authors, farmer, and multimedia architect. Stix El Ra has held consultancies at various ministries, agencies, and commissions as multimedia consultant specializing in a range of works from customer-client relations, visual data presentations (info-graphs and visual communication), and webmaster for executive level stakeholder open house events, policy dialogues, and educational lectures. Stix El Ra is also one of Liberias first cultural architect where he specializes in vernacular architecture using local building material like rubber wood, bamboo, thatch, adobe clay, and palm baboon wood to build modern sustainable housing for a range of purposes. Elohim Rastafari has published a range of cultural booklets and posters ranging from the Scrolls of the Cosmic Camarilla Mask™ consciousness, a book that discusses the meaning of some of Liberias traditional mask, the Starkraft Manuskriptz Masktape Codex Poster which is accompanied with a Masktape (Edutainment Training Video), as well as his latest release the Kpodo Dyua Dene Dyu Temple of the Stars, a visual manual written in Koptic Bassa discussing afro-tropical aeronautics and implications in the Afrotropical creative universe.  

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Tekpwfari Stix El Ra

Founder & CEO Ra Heir– Divinely positioned belonging or relating to heaven. The celestial mask sage is the physical representation of divine mask intelligence. This Afrotropical shaman is the director of the cosmic camarilla mask energy, an incarnated being receiving divine influence and cosmic access. Cultivated scholar breed within piloting author, executive officer, and cosmic genius. Ancestral Knowledge 4