Starkraft Manuskriptz

The Creative Alternative to Scripture that no longer meet the demands of the People. Astro- Afrotropical - a more robust programming language in the genre creative science; celestial programming, meridian science. The inherited ways of divine afrotropicals.

16 Tribes® of Liberia Bottle Openers

are the perfect gift at traditional African weddings and events.  The bottle openers come with a keychain loop to make accessibility available and easy to carry. You can receive a assorted pack of the 16 tribes bottle opener and share Liberian culture with your friends and family.

Al-Kebulan Zelda° Æfrotropical Liberia Map

The tribal mask map of Liberia and greater Liberia tribal system. Before the usage of paper passports, African's traveled the continent with passport mask to identify their tribe and place of origin. The tribal mask map provides a lexicon of mask and places of origin.

Marcus Garvey & You.

The Annual Marcus Garvey and You event is hosted every year on the birthday of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, as part of our efforts in the continuation of Pan- African consciousness. Craftsman can register with the Marcus Garvey and You craftsman guild to receive relevant industry updates and event updates on economic empowerment.

Kpodo Dyua Dene Dyu

The "Temple of the Stars" pamphlet is a small multimedia ballot discussing Afrotropical Astronautics and implications in the creative universe.


Camarilla Masktapes™ are a edutainment mask tape series containing information concerning mask technology. 16 Tribes® of Liberia, Rastafari, Camarilla Mask™, Freemason, Star and Shield Clothing, Moorish and Kemetic Science. Knowledge of the Seven Seals.