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Christ Mask Mobile

Camarilla Mask™ are a set of 17 divine council masks, sent as guides to tribes of West Africa to reunite the region. Each Camarilla Mask™ represent specific tribal lesson, African proverb, and spiritual message transmitted through the mask from ancestral guardian spirits, King, Queens, Priests, Prophets, Legends, and Gods. 

16 Tribes® of Liberia

The Customs, Arts, Spiritual System, Social Institutions, and Culture of the 16 tribes of Liberia. The Way of the Ancestors

Star & Shield Laboratories

Is the Creative Temple for all Star and Shield Garments Brand creative projects. The meeting grounds for Star and Shield Clothing, Camarilla Mask™, 16 Tribes® of Liberia, and Navigators Aeronautics.

Eloheem Rastafari Web

Tekpwfari Stix El Ra

Founder & Creative Director

Tekpwfari Stix El Ra runs Navigators Aeronautics; a creative afrotropical impartment, umbrella platform that distributes Star & Shield Clothing, Camarilla Mask™, and 16 Tribes® of Liberia cultural material. El Ra has published a range of afrotropical booklets and posters ranging from the Scrolls of the Cosmic Camarilla Mask™ Consciousness, a book that discusses the meaning of some of Liberia’s traditional mask, the Starkraft Manuskriptz Masktape Codex Poster which is accompanied with a Masktape™ (Edutainment Training Video), as well as his latest release the “Kpodo Dyua Dene Dyu” Temple of the Stars, a visual manual written in Koptic Bassa discussing afro-tropical aeronautics.

Navigators Aeronautics

Navigators Aeronautics; Creative Afrotropical Impartment, is the Umbrella Company that distributes Star and Shield Clothing, Camarilla Mask™ Products, and 16 Tribes® of Liberia Cultural Material internationally.