Star and Shield Clothing-"Yaya" Camarilla Mask T-Shirt

Yaya Affirmation

The Cosmic Camarilla Consciousness starts with the ability to see "what is", this allows you to discover what you believe. Whenever you are experiencing limitation start existing in infinite possibility and abundance within you... 

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Star & Shield Clothing White Flower T-Shirt

Charles Taylor 

The Charles Taylor shirt is star and shield clothing dedication to Taylors reign in Liberia and a reminder of  Taylors White Flower Paton the represents the duality in man/woman. Liberia's White Lotus in war and peace.   


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Star & Shield Clothing 16 Tribes of Liberia Mask T-Shirt

16 Tribes® of Liberia

T-shirt represents the customs, arts, spiritual systems, social institutions of the 16 Tribes® of Liberia. The Way of the Cultural Heritage of the Liberia and the Way of the Ancestors.

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Star & Shield Clothing

Liberia's Premier Garments Brand

Star and Shield Clothing is a international Garments brand headquartered from Monrovia, Liberia. Star and Shield Clothing is a blend that satisfies and incorporates both afrotropical gear flavor and indigenous creative design.  This in turn exhibits a mix in style from a plethora of African cultures.

Featured image includes the Ancient Emperor Suit. Made with Star and Shields Clothing premium sand script spiral embroidery, gold buttons, double stitched for durability. Matching pants allow for wallet and handkerchief back pockets, dual side pockets, zipper and draw string.    

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Star and Shield Clothing is committed to providing the highest standard designs which includes brand integrity and product fashion.